1) Availability and prices
The prices are those indicated on the price list in force, and are net of VAT . For the first orders, after our reception by web site or e-mail, you will receive confirmation of your order in which the prices in force and the sale conditions will be recapitulated. In the event that the products were to undergo changes in price due to market fluctuations we reserve the right to contact you as soon as possible to notify you.

2) Minimum order
The minimum order is of 3 kg between all of products.

3) Shipping cost
List quotes are ex-departure and the cost of transport is counted according to the tariff of the carrier.

4) Collection from our warehouses
The times for the collection of the goods at our warehouse in Via della Chimica, No. 35 in Potenza (PZ) are as follows:
From Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 14:00 .

5) Delivery
The "Forno delle sorelle Palese " sends its goods throughout Italy and at Community level through carrier (Bartolini / SDA ) . The order is processed within 8 working days (only in Europe) from the receipt of the same. The delivery takes place within 24-48 hours (only in Europe). The goods are shipped on disposable pallets or packs and delivered directly to the customer by the carrier.

6) Inventory Charges
In the event of non-attendance of the receiver on delivery of the goods, the courier will leave a note. The goods remain available at the branches of the courier, waiting for a communication about the redelivery or collection without any additional charges within 24 hours; otherwise the customer will be billed the cost of inventory as per the tariff of the carrier. In the event of return of the goods to our warehouse, the expenses will be charged as per the tariff of the carrier

7) Payment
The payment methods are:
Bank transfer in advance: simultaneously with the receipt of your order, you will receive an email with your order confirmation and the details of the bank transfer to be carried out together with the order confirmation.
Provisions of sale:
In our sales invoices will be given the mandatory statement "complies with the obligations under Art. 62 , paragraph 1, of the Decree Law of 24 January 2012, n ° 1 , ratified with amendments by Law of 24 March 2012, n ° 27 " and all the particulars of the contract .

8) Preservation of the products
The product, depending on the category, must be stored in correct and optimal conditions.
We always recommend to keep the products stored in a cool and dry place at room temperature no more than 20° C and humidity-controlled (not more than 65%). The fresh pastries and the chocolate should be stored at refrigeration temperature.

9) Complaints and returns
The customer must verify the integrity of the goods on arrival of the courier and indicate on the packing slip or invoice on any breakages or shortages of goods. In the event of any dispute as to the damage of the goods caused by the carrier, the nature of the damage must be indicated directly on the delivery note or invoice and the communication itself must be received within 48 hours of receipt of the goods.
If the damage is not objected at the time of receipt of the goods we will not be able to compensate for the damage. Further disputes relating to delivery errors and short deadline must be received no later than 48 hours from the receipt of the goods, otherwise they will not be compensated. Returns are not accepted unless expressly agreed with the sales representative, who prepares the complaint form, providing to the collection with the first due delivery. In the event of returning unauthorized or improperly stored goods, there will be no compensation and the cost of disposal of the products will also be charged.

10) Terms and conditions
Any and further commercial terms will be defined with your sales representative.

11 ) Jurisdiction
For any dispute, coming from application of the above clauses and other related issues is enabled the exclusive jurisdiction of Potenza.
The decision to purchase requires full acceptance of our terms , therefore they will be applied without further notice.